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Backpacking Tip - Orange Garbage Bag Liner 
One of my best backpacking tips I've used and taught my Scouts over the years is to use an orange colored trash bag to line their backpacks. This serves …

Backpacking Supplies Tip - Duct Tape Lighter 
Here's a great backpacking supplies tip for lightweight emergency preparedness: On your regular lighter, wrap it neatly as many times as you would like …

Don't double up on backpacking supplies 
Make sure you don't double up on supplies on long backpacking trips. Discuss with each other what each person is taking -- then u avoid carrying unnecessary …

Gel toe protectors prevent pinched pinkies when hiking 
I have a habit of getting blisters and getting pinched pinky toes, no matter what shoes I'm wearing for hiking. Before my boyfriend and I set out for an …

Don't wash all of your wool socks at the same time! 
On a long backpacking trip we arrived at a camp where we would stay for two days, and I decided to use that time to wash all of my Wigwam wool hiking socks …

Great Homemade Fire Starters for Backpacking 
Before you head out backpacking you can save your selves many problems starting a fire by making simple extremely lightweight homemade fire starters …

Socks are a key to backpacking 
Socks are a key to backpacking and hiking, as well as hydration as you clearly stated. If you don't have the proper foot wear a 10 mile hike could seem …

Coffeeeeeee!!! Use Loose Tea Filters for Backpacking Coffee Not rated yet
I know everyone has their own method for making backpacking coffee on the hiking trail, but I have discovered an extremely easy lightweight alternative …

lightweight survival tools for backpacking Not rated yet
Here are some essential tools that I take on every backpacking trip and have served me well. First is 3-4ft of 3/8" Surgical tubing, which can be used …

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