Backpacker Tip: Duct Tape Lighter

A tip from the backpacker Dirty (TX).

Duct Tape can be used to fix boot holes

A great backpacking supplies tip for lightweight emergency preparedness: on your regular lighter, wrap it neatly as many times as you would like with duct tape. You never know when a few feet of duct tape can come in handy: it can be used for medical tape, for repairing clothing, creating shelter, cordage, and millions of other things. I use duct tape in the field all the time now. It comes in very handy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for the great duct tape tip! That is a great space-saving way to carry it without the bulkiness of a full roll, and it is one item that should be on everyone’s what to bring supply list for hiking, backpacking and camping (not just the duct tape, but the lighter, too).

Lighter wrapped in duct tape

You can also wrap duct tape around other items, such as hiking poles, but you might not want to leave any stickiness on them. For that reason, wrapping duct tape around a disposable lighter is the best idea.

If you are going on an extended backpacking trip with a group (such as a Boy Scout Philmont Trek for 12 days), you should probably have each person use the backpacking supply list tip above, so everyone is carrying a disposable lighter with a few feet of duct tape on it. Plus, you should designate one person in the group to carry a small roll of duct tape.

Why ask everyone in the backpacking crew to carry a disposable lighter wrapped in duct tape? Because for safety and survival purposes in case the group gets separated, everyone should be carrying basic survival supplies, including a way to start a fire.

Great backpacking supplies tip! Thanks for posting your idea!